Charlie Cornforth's

Workshop Photoshoot


In the midst of my coursework, I received a message from a close friend and fellow arts peer asking to capture photos as he did some yoga and actor training. Due to myself being a cordial person and always looking for more experience to build my portfolio, it was very hard to decline. The shoot was a learning curve as I had not captured many images based around movement prior to this. By increasing the shutter speed and increasing the light coming into the lens, I was able to capture these shots with accuracy. It also gave me the chance to feature on other people's websites and professional profiles.

Being a close friend of mine, Jake was an obvious choice to capture the images I needed to create my own website. needed someone who could not only work professionally but adapt to the many different requests i asked for. His multitude of skills and knowledge of his field meant that I could openly discuss ideas with him and he could feedback a process on how to achieve said effect or vision. 

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