06/03/17 - 25/05/17

The second part of our Collaborate Practice module saw our whole year split into two groups. One group decided to choose a photographic based brief whereas I opted for more of a cross-platform brief. We were to create a live TV show which would be broadcasted on the internet. Right from the start I know I wanted to be the sound technician and a strong member of marketing due to my expertise which everyone was in favour for. But I also took the opportunity to build on my production, documentation and even acting skills. With great feedback from our tutors and with over 300 people watching our show live, I feel proud of what we as a group have accomplished.

"Jake is a man who can be a great team player; if you need support or solutions this is your guy.  He is a great adviser in sound management in the studio. Jake showed good communication, and understanding on what is the best sound for the show."

— Kyle Christie

“Whilst working with Jake, I got to experience his quick initiative and his ability to solve issues both quickly and efficiently. I have no doubt that Jake will go far in the future.”

— Ellie Ford

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