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Just some of the words people have used to describe myself. I see myself as an ambitious, creative and well-presented individual with good communication skills, an impeccable work ethic. During my time at Plymouth University, I’ve come to realise I am a multi-disciplinary artist. I have a rather diverse skill set with a range of equipment and an ever-increasing knowledge of the entire Adobe suite. My university studies have given me a good foundation as I grow an artist.


But what makes a person passionate? Well, there is no definitive answer but there may always be a source from which it derives. I was the only one in my family to be interested in studying at university. But due to bad grades in sixth form. I would never be able to achieve the honour of being the first to attend. Being creative didn't mean I had to be a student so throughout my time pre-university, I looked into ways in which I could practice creativity through cooking.

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

Throughout my time of being a professional chef in various establishments, I managed to adapt many attributes which can be seen in my work. 

Strong Working Ethic - making sure that my work is utmost priority when necessary

Great Organisation - heavy stock rotation and hygiene requirements builds organisation

Time Keeping - having all the food go out at the same time refines timing to the minute

Attention To Detail - presentation is everything, down to the last layer


After 3 years (and a little bit whilst abroad) with these new traits at hand, I decided to move to Australia away from everything I knew. But what would I do? What would I see? Would I be able to budget well? Even with this daunting over me, the experience itself was better that I could ever imagine. From the people I met to the places I saw, a journey like no other, one that will last a lifetime. Check out some snaps below.


Towards the end of my travels around this inspiring country, I decided to take one more chance at applying for university. If I was accepted into the course, I would stay home until the course start date. If not then I would board the return flight and stay 'down under' for my second year. And now? I'm in my final year of university in my hometown. It would seem no matter where you go in the world, you will always meet some amazing and inspirational people. With my friends by my side and a constant plan to develop my skills, my future is starting to look bright! Thanks to all who have influenced my life.

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