Animated Self Portrait Research


For part of 'Professional Profile' we were challenged by making an animated self portrait to use throughout our online presence if we chose to. When first hearing about it, I was convinced this was going to be quite a simple task. But thinking about it now, I am really lacking ideas. The practice of making this portrait is simple enough but the concept as a whole would require a lot of research into both the style I choose and how I interpret and portray said style.


My research into self portrait looked at three separate artists which use quite sparse techniques.

James Neilson

Specialising in animation and illustration, James uses a simple idea of him rotating on a spot. With every frame of rotation comes a different interpretation of colour and stroke. Although a very technical piece, I feel like this wouldn't represent me as an individual as I do not have painting or illustration skills.

Antonio Mora

Antonio Mora, a creative art director since 1995, gradually gravitated towards the more artistic realm of his profession. He has been developing an extensive collection of portraits in which dream worlds are superimposed with reality, creating hybrid beings of great beauty and expressive force. His work really makes me think and although great, not entirely related to a 'self portrait'. (But maybe I can incorporate superimposing?)

Leandro Estrella

Alexis Leandro Estrella is an artist who works and experiments with a plurality of materials and media, tending to the exploration of new technologies, which he adds to his artwork. In these modern times, his use of separate windows playing multiple GIFs seems relevant due to the ever increasing use of online media.


Colin Moore

Colin Moore's simple self portrait is the best way to how simplicity can be effective.As you peel away the layers... that's when you start finding the gold, the slightly dark and eerie essence given off by this mysterious character. Keeping my self portrait simple may be the path forward.

Jake Flemming

Jake Flemming leads the Product Design Track at Tradecraft in San Francisco. He usually sees out side projects that lets him explore new approaches to illustration. Keeping himself at the heart of his work (which appeals to me greatly), he shows that his hobbies, passions and loves are what make him who he is.

Christy Lui

Although a video based project, Christy's Double Exposure video shows the characters on screen with what they enjoy 'within them'. For me this is very effective as it seems to portray them as a person.

I feel like these artists have various elements which I can use when creating my own self portrait. Using Christy's and Antonia's mix of double exposure would give me a good foundation to build from. But seeing as I want to show more of me within my work, I may use Jake Flemming's idea of having the things that surround him to, possibly within me.


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