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Aren't Videos Just Images Anyway...

(31/04/17) This is my current thought process when testing out various GIF concepts. Instead of taking lots of images on a camera, why not just do a video and use software like 'MPEG Stream Clip' to split up the frames?

Using some of my old footage shot at 30 frames a second working in MPEG Stream Clip. I have noticed that using Full HD videos makes for a huge file size per image, even with fewer frames.

I have also now realised we have to create 3 GIFs to show for next week, time to start brainstorming some more ideas keeping me at the heart. Following my initial research which concluded on 'focusing around me', I decided to follow up this concept and split it into various parts; Creative and Colourful, Multi-Personality and Memories.


This first GIF by 'actionbasterd' is a very bright and colourful image, with big bold colours which are very complimentary. The colour animation itself reminds me of a trance which, for me, seems to distracting.

The image although not colourful takes the bright and creative aspect using light photography, creating an endless loop of evolving light trails. Removing the head of the subject in the image gives the impression of inspiration building, whilst on the other hand feeling lost in a train of thought.


Apart from the group, I really like the use of powder paint. The vibrancy of the colours represents who I am as a creative person as well as part of the LGBT community. The paint being thrown also shows forcefulness, highlighting passion loosely yet effectively.

Although colour played a big part of this GIF, it didn't work as well as I wanted so chose to be rather bold and put the paint in my mouth, blowing it out showing that creativity is almost ready to burst out at any moment. I feel this GIF is a great outcome and may influence my final realisation.


Following this export, I decided to try and enhance the colour leaving my body. This would involve both increasing the saturation and contrast of the paint whilst slightly desaturating my body through masking to strengthen the colour even further. I also felt like leaving the GIF un-cropped worked well to highlight the range of my creativity metaphorically.

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