My second GIF will base around my various traits, what I name as the different sides to my personality. From a young age, I always used to create varied versions of myself on games such as 'The Sims' which always resulted in arguments between my creative and intellectual sim-self.

It wasn’t long before I came across a new style known as “clone looping,” creating several copies of a moving subject and copying them in various locations of the timeline window. Unfortunately I could not find the creator of this GIF. With that said, it clearly shows how 'clone looping' works and what I want to achieve for one of my realisations.

(06/05/17) Created by Helen Green (A UK based illustrator), this GIF is not only a great example of using multiple personalities but also a tribute to David Bowie. I wouldn't be able to take a guess at how long this piece took to create but feel using the concept of these mixed personalities would really give me freedom whilst diving into my personalities.

(08/05/17) Spending some time making this video into a GIF, I feel this 'Trump Debating Trump" GIF symbolises my vision for my multi personality GIF, having the various sides of me all in one place, perhaps even to the point of interaction, thus giving some depth to this concept.

My final creation I feel is a good attempt and allowed me to try out new skills with masking in After Effects. Seeing as my original idea did feature these 'different sides of me', I feel this attempt was a success.

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