Experience Of Life

(07/05/17) Onto my third concept for this GIF module, I have chosen to base it around my experience in life; the memories I have made and the path I have come from. I feel this is an important topic and one that many people could relate to. Everyone has a past and mine has made me who I am today.

Although a slightly informal GIF, I still feel it is relevant. Not everybody considers life easy and I am sure that there have been times in both my own and my fellow peers life which can relate to this GIF. After all, what doesn't kill you makes you stronger and feel that pain as an experience is something to build from.

I also stumbled across cinema-graphs. Similar to a GIF, they are still photographs in which a minor and repeated movement occurs, forming a video clip. This seamless effect tricks the user into thinking the image is some sort of animation which I really enjoy. Although not directly linked to my concept, I feel like a cinema-graph will be the better way forward.

Alexis Nevess uses a double exposure technique to create various photographic series which really capture a moment in time whilst drawing the viewer in further, looking at the various depths and even layers to the image. I feel this image will play an important part of my piece.

My final GIF uses my experience in life to show the viewer an insight to my life; more so every point in my timeline who defined me as a person, including people, moments and places. I feel this gives my GIF not only the depth of a self portrait but also an element of truth.

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