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With my third and final year of university coming up, my future is only a stone throw away. When it comes to the industry it's not only about what you know, but who you know so it's time that Jake Giddy starts branching his network. During my first and second year I did manage to get some opportunities to collaborate with some clients and am pleased to say this is growing. As I'm writing this I am currently working with Liberty Pearl, working on marketing campaigns to increase her audience whilst learning about how a business works in todays media industry functions.

I was also extremely honoured when our tutor and award winning director, Amanda Blueglass, asked myself to help her out up in Hampshire. It may only be as a runner but this is my first BIG BREAK and my main hurdle into media! So expect a blog post on my time...

Finally a quick update. My new posts will feature some in-depth text on how I produced the work in question, giving you the viewers some 'behind the scenes' insight.

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