My Final Project

At the start of my project, I had an amazing opportunity to develop some glass slides that my grandad had acquired, scenic moments of time that were untouched by technology. He asked me if I could develop them in case of damage which allowed me to dive into their history. The glass plates are positive ambrotypes which are made using a wet collodion process (Which involved adding a soluble iodide to a solution of cellulose nitrate and coating a glass plate with the mixture). Truly incredible

As my project developed however, I felt that the concept and creation of the work was a little vague and wouldn’t give me the chance to push the boundaries of media and make a mark in my final year, as I imagine most people want to do in university.

That's one of the main reasons to go, right?


I took to the internet to re-spark my creativity and came across an article on expos which at first was irrelevant. However, reading through it made me think about artists and exhibitions that did similar things. And these two stuck out more than the rest.

The quote 'Bright Agrotech’s display brings their product to life' made me think about how Marina Amaral brought history alive by colourising old black and white photos on Photoshop. This unique way of ‘bringing products to life’ did intrigue me and maybe I could do a similar thing.

The other quote, 'Nature’s Path’s display is unique and memorable' reminded me of first year when we went to see exhibitions around Plymouth as a cohort. Although not related to my work in question, The Cold Truth left a lasting impression with their chilling evocation of the sexual exploitation of children, displayed with the addition of shoes formed with ice. Maybe I could do something powerful when curating my piece?

Hopefully something will start to form soon, I should of had a clear idea weeks ago!


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