Multi-media and Multi Sensory???

Whilst in this redeveloping stage of my project, we had a lecture by Katy Richardson, who came in to speak about her project titled ‘Relic’. Her personal film project was inspired by her grandmother’s journal entries which Katy received after her mother’s passing.

This immersive visual element kept me thinking post-lecture about not only a multimedia element to my final piece, but a multi-sensory one to. Richardson claimed that expanding on media ‘does not take away from your own project efforts, but rather opens your mind as to what you could create’.

So why couldn’t I push the boundaries of what a final piece could be. The next issue would be how I would progress from a seemingly easy task to a carefully planned procedure, possibly allowing an audience to think about their own past and nostalgic routes.

I decided to take my thought process to my grandparents as they have always supported me with my projects. This soon wondered off into them talking about the old days for the next few hours. But it was at that moment, it occurred to me what my project would become.

Focusing more on the stories of their childhoods based on the location from these slides, I hope to create a living memoir, for my own and for my grandparent’s benefit.

The slides will now be used as a form of practice-based research whilst also being a homage to the time period of which they were captured.

And although not known yet, my work will be curated in a memorable way.

My developed project had become a multi-sensory experience enabling the audience to not only see and hear, but smell the things that my grandparents grew up with. My new aims were

- To look into the historical context of slides in my grandfather’s possession

- To document my exploration through family history

- To display my findings in a multimedia format

Which going back to the module brief was more ambitious, more imaginative and had a strong alignment.

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