Video Inspiration

My project is moving on well but now I had to gather my main sources for my visual research.

Ellen Ford’s poetic documentary on the emotional effect of loss and the tales of Margaret’s story to date. ‘To Be Alive’ is a deeply moving piece using the personal memories in a way that evoked the feeling of nostalgia that was essential for its success. The aspect that resonates with me the most though is the simplicity. The longer scenic shots allow the viewer to really listen to what is being said, thus creating a link to each person’s nostalgic routes.

‘My Favorite Picture of You’ is an honest and engaging journey into one couple’s past directed by TJ Martin and Dan Lindsay. Built around an audio interview with Martin’s grandparents, we are led on a nostalgic trip via his Grandfather’s questions and remembrances. This short documentary allows the viewer to experience the relationship that the two have shared with each other, thus making the bond between the director and the audience that much more intense.

These two very different films use both emotion and nostalgia as key concepts and hope to reconstruct these in my own work.

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