Tom Baker's Tattoo

Music Video

05/10/15 - 04/03/16

After receiving an email from James Haslam (Owner of Open World Productions) about the opportunity to help film a music video, I was very keen to jump at this chance. My first professional video based shoot. On location I was a Camera Operator as well as a Gaffer when required. This shoot was a real eye-opener of how the industry worked, what made it work and why it worked well. The experience as a whole made me grow as a creative, adding to my portfolio and allowing me to try new things on set.

Jake's drive and enthusiasm was such a delight to work with plus he helped deliver some key camera techniques that really captured the whole perception of the video.

Tom Baker, Musician

Jake joined the team as it expanded in 2015 and was the Director of Photography for the music video 'Tattoo'. He established himself to have a keen eye and great camera skills, early on and the results speak for themselves.

James Haslam, Director

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